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Meet the lovely Annie – this girl is a hoot and a holler – all rolled into one! Agility and game folks – huge potential here!

Annie is a gorgeous border collie/ kelpie mix ? who is about 1.5 years old, with a luscious black coat that gleams blue in the sunlight, 44 pounds, smarter than all get out – a sweet and sassy girl! And currently enrolled in school. Yep – going to school to learn how to be a proper – focused girl! And well on her way to being valedictorian! Incredibly smart and of course – the star of the class – so the instructor says … or is that the class clown?

Because she is smarter than all get out … and active … did we mention active? Annie needs a family that enjoys and relishes an active working dog. She loves to run and be put through her paces and of course she has those working dog tendencies, i.e. follow her foster’s feet and try to herd her towards the cookie jar. Her family needs to have some space, a good throwing arm, a ball chucker or better yet – a fetch-a-matic (she loves to play fetch!).

Annie wants a family that would continue her training and are able to spend time with their canine kids (you don’t put Annie in the corner!) and can handle her sense of humor. An active family who enjoy hikes, runs (oh boy would she love to be a jogging partner!), anything that requires energy and having fun. Experience with working dogs is a must – otherwise it just wouldn’t be fair – Annie would rule the roost. There shouldn’t be any kids under 12 in the family because they would just become sheep for Annie and she would herd them all over the place but older kids who are used to working dogs would be great!

Annie is fully vetted – she is up to date on all her shots, spayed, on heartworm prevention, microchipped and ready to rumble. Annie can even do cats (they kind of scare her but she thinks they are really cool). She is very affectionate to her people and enjoys a good hugging session and tickles behind her ears. She gets along with other dogs but would prefer having a male companion – but it is all about the connection of course but a romping partner would be great fun for her!

Annie is a courtesy listing for EnchantMutts. She is not an EnchantMutt dog – however we have met her and adore her – she is a very special girl! So much potential! Her foster mom initially found her sick and scared on a ditch bank and nursed her back to health and only wants the very best for Annie so we are helping her find Annie’s forever home.

If you are interested in learning more about Annie, please contact kledwards29@aol.com. We will read any questions to Annie and relay answers as she dictates.

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