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Ben is Very Sweet, Very Affectionate, Loving, Eager to Please, Playful, Goofy and Fun. He gets along great with my other dogs and cats. Actually sleeps with one of the cats often. He is food motivated so that and his eagerness to please makes him very trainable.  He wants to be a good dog and does very well with praise. Ben is a Velcro Dog. He likes to be near his person.  He is not overly dominant and medium energy.

He is a 2 year old Rottweiler Mix. Has a lot of hound in him and perhaps some German Shepherd. He had an owner in his early life who was hard on him so he can be scared. Ben is a watch dog and barks when he hears things. He will also growl, (not intense just enough to let people know he is scared), when he is scared. 

While I love him deeply, the combination of his wanting to be with me and his barking and growling (not often but I really can’t have it at all in my office) makes him a dog that I find can’t really take to my Psychotherapy office and that is why I am looking for a home for him.

Ben needs a home where he will get a lot of attention and be able to be around his person and preferably another dog as a playmate. His future person must be familiar with or very willing to learn positive dog training. This is the key with Ben. He needs love, attention, and lots of praise. He gives lots of loving attention in return.

He is really an awesome dog, and in the right home he will be a great addition.  Due to his size, (around 70 lbs) and his liking to lean into things, people, dogs etc. I think he is best suited for a home without small children. When the prior owner had him, he broke a leg which has healed fine (checked with xrays at a vet) but it looks a little off. It doesn’t affect his running or anything else.  

If you are interested in Ben, please contact his owner at gautamakatzman@gmail.com and write “Ben” in the subject box.  I am easily accessible to folks in both Albuquerque, where I work and Santa Fe, where I live.  Adoption fee $95. Ben is neutered and up to date on shots.

Ben is a Courtesy Listing and EnchantMutts has not evaluated him. Please contact gautamakatzman@gmail.com for further information.

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