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If you are looking for that perfect pretty little girl who does everything you ask when you ask it and never gives you sass …. don’t look at Cotton – she’s NOT that girl. BUT – if you are looking for a pretty little girl who does half of what you ask and sometimes even when you ask it …. then perhaps this wee warrior might be what you are looking for!

Cotton had a very rough start in life – saved from a small shelter – brought into rescue – breaking with parvo within 24 hours of rescue – surviving and we have spent a lot of time getting her digestive track in order – she is now ready to find a family to love. She was a bag of bones and we have no idea what she was eating prior to rescue – we thought she was an 8 week old pup when she came in but alas – she was 12-14 weeks – just very malnourished. But attitude and smarts – now that was always there! She is a working dog with good energy – but she does have an off button.

We have her DOB as about 12/3/2019 and she weighs in at 32 lbs. While we know there is a lot of Australian Cattle Dog/Heeler in her – there is a touch of something else (small) we can’t quite put our fingers on - her coat is longer, curlier and soft as silk and her tail has some great feathers. She is the cutest little thing and always uses it to her advantage. We adore this little girl – packed with personality, love and the call of the wild. She does great with all people but tiny people would not be a good match (too much competition) so dog savvy kids over 10 please.

Cotton still needs a lot of training though she’ll try to make you think otherwise – don’t fall for it - she is smart and she is a manipulator – she is food motivated and will do just about anything for a treat so potential is huge. The world is hers and we are just guests in it. She knows she owns every toy in the house and demands at least ten. She loves to play with them (alone or with friends) and she has a bit of an independent streak - she is completely capable of entertaining herself. But alas - Cotton truly needs a canine companion to boss around or boss her around – depending on her mood. She loves to play tag and equally enjoys being the chasee or chaser. She loves her foster siblings and while she will never admit it – loves to curl up with them to nap so she needs at least one buddy who is willing to put up with her shenanigans. She is housetrained with a doggy door and while crate trained – not necessary – but hide those remotes, shoes, etc.

Cotton won’t bring you a cup of coffee and your slippers but she will brighten your days, make you smile and test you to the limits. Cotton is up to date on vaccinations, spayed, on heartworm meds, been wormed and microchipped. If you are up for a challenge – please complete an application found here (click on here) and forward to info@enchantmutts.org or click the Adoption Process Link above. Let us know why you think Cotton might be a fit for your family – we’ll see if you can pass the quiz. Cotton's adoption fee is $250 and she will NOT be adopted out of the state of New Mexico.

For you heeler lovers – this will make you smile and yep - fits our dear Cotton –
”I am not a dog. I am a Heeler. I'm half wolverine, half barb wire and all attitude. I am either your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on YOUR attitude. I can herd the wildest cows or the gentlest sheep with equal determination. I can work all day in snow storms, pouring rain or blistering heat and then ask you to throw the ball when we get done. I will argue with you at every turn. After all, I know what I'm doing and the best way to getter done. I am easy to feed. I will eat your steak or the dead, rotten gopher I found in the field. You will never be without a navigator in the truck. I will protect you from burglars, grizzly bears, badgers and that strange shadow in the corner of the barn. I will hog the bed and the couch. I will steal your sandwich, your chair, your boot and your heart. You will never have to go to the bathroom alone. I will lick your face right after I eat fresh cow shit. I will sleep next to you when you are sick and heal you with my love. I am Heeler. Respect me. Love me. But NEVER underestimate me.”

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