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Meet HOOT – of the Frat Boyz (Hoot, Hollar (brothers) and Shout). This little boy started his life in a very rural part of NW New Mexico with little food, little human contact and little hope. But sometimes things happen and the stars align and so HOOT and his brother HOLLAR came to EnchantMutts.

This sweetheart of a boy is still a bit shy with people but has certainly come forward leaps and bounds from his initial intake into rescue. He has come to the realization that people equal good – of course food of any kind has a HUGE appeal and he will do whatever is asked of him if you offer him a treat. He is a very apt student and full of promise and has quite a mischevious twinkle in his eye. He hates to admit that he enjoys cuddles but he does and will often sigh with pleasure when you scratch his belly.

We suspect HOOT is a blend of working dogs – mostly Australian cattle dog and border collie and his mom was quite petite (dad is unknown and mom isn’t talking). He has great markings with the most beautiful face and we think he will be keeping his unique amber eye color. He will have a soft rough coat with striking markings (love those spots!) and his DOB is around 4/30/2021 – give or take a week or so.

HOOT is very smart and is already house trained – he is also crate trained and he enjoys his crate even with the door open. We are working on basic commands and he is always the first one sitting when it is treat time. He is quick and nimble though still learning he can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound… but giving it his all. HOOT will need a dedicated family who likes to work with dogs that just might be smarter than them – the rewards will be huge.

HOOT adores toys and loves his nyla bones – often the winner in games of keep away from his foster brothers. He loves to play with other confident dogs and adores playing chase or keep away and equally enjoys being the chasee or chaser. Even with his big energy – HOOT is often found leaning and sleeping with his BIG DADDY Zak taking comfort in his presence. He will need a family that is breed savvy who is/are patient and willing to work with him and accept him quirks and all. He will also need another canine playmate in the house to keep him on the straight and narrow and help keep his energy level in check. He is a pup folks and pups = energy, chewing, playing, eating – REPEAT…

HOOT is up to date on vaccinations, on heartworm preventative, been wormed and microchipped (all normal protocol for our puppies). He will need to be neutered and receive a rabies vaccination when the time is right (covered in his adoption fee). If you are up for a challenge – please complete an application and forward to info@enchantmutts.org. You can find our application and our adoption criteria at the Adoption Process Link at the top of this page. Let us know why you think HOOT might be a fit for your family.

Please note - we do not neuter our puppies until they are six months old and a puppy contract, along with a normal adoption contract will be in place and signed to ensure that happens. Adoption cost for a Frat Boyz is $300.00. The adoption fee covers all shots (set of 4 parvo/distemper), microchips, worming, spay/neuter and rabies (when they are around six (6) months and depending on EnchantMutts and new families collaboration of the right timing). We start our puppies on heartworm preventative at eight (8) weeks and three months go with them upon adoption - we expect them to be kept on heartworm preventative year round. HOOT WILL NOT be adopted out of the state of New Mexico.

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