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Let’s talk JASPER… he is such a goofy boy – and he reminds me of why I love dogs so much. He has personality for days and is an attention seeking clown determined to entertain you and win over your heart.

Jasper weighs in at just under 50 lbs. He is physically strong, clumsy (though he won’t admit it) and curious. We think he would love to be someone’s hiking companion, tandem rock climbing buddy or swimming partner. If it involves adventure, you and fun, Jasper is on board. He is a beauty and he doesn’t really care as long as he can make his “puppy” eyes and get a treat (it’s all about treats).

We estimate his age at about 1 year but mentally – he is ALL puppy and he freely admits it – he is a bit of a nerd and the term derpy really seems to fit. Slow to mature this boy (or reliving a puppyhood he probably never had) and interested in play – play – play! We know there is a lot of border collie in him but also something else we have not been able to put our finger on yet perhaps aussie – none the less - something with a good sense of humor. Jasper is active - like a 2 year old child is active. He will size you up and decide if he can bounce off you so he insists on having a canine bouncing partner – preferably about his size or quick – really quick and able to roll with the big uns.

Jasper is extremely sweet, affectionate and loving and adores people. He is the perfect family dog for an active family but will run over small children if there is something tasty on the other side. We don’t know how he is with cats but we don’t think his opinion of them is as good as ours.

He is crate trained (though not necessary unless you like your things – see “puppy” above), house trained (with a doggy door), and is busy familiarizing himself with basic commands in anticipation of his adoption.

He has all vaccinations, is microchipped, heartworm tested and on preventative and neutered. His adoption fee is $250.00 and he will not be adopted out of the state of New Mexico. If you think you’d like to have a comedian in your house and think you can keep him entertained – please complete an application (button above) and send to info@enchantmutts.org.

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