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Kipper is a wonderful boy who has had a very difficult life. He came into rescue as a pup in very bad condition from a small shelter. With lots of TLC and care - he turned into a sleek and playful boy and was adopted to a nice home. Unfortunately he started to escape the front door and since the family lived close to a very busy road - the decision was made to return him to our rescue. Within two weeks of returning - Kipper was hit with a mysterious illness. After visits with specialists, multiple tests, ultra sounds, xrays and lots of theories - we planned a path of treatment and he is bounding back. We suspect he might have had "steroid responsive meningitis" - not contagious but has a long healing process. He is past diagnosis (March 2017) and the first four months were pretty touch and go. But he has responded and we are certainly enjoying having his great personality shine again! He is on the mend for sure! Kipper's date of birth is in March of 2016 so he is still a very young boy with lots of life ahead of him.

We think he is a Gordon setter / Australian shepherd mix – we can see both breeds in him and all-in-all he is one wonderful boy and we are guessing on his parentage. Sweet as sweet can be and gets along with everyone and everything. He loves to play with his foster siblings and loves his people - he has a sense of humor that makes everyone laugh and he can be quite the goofy guy - he really has the best froggy pose! Kip weights in at roughly 60 lbs and at this time - could stand to lose a few pounds. His ears are not as long as a Gordon’s – set more like an aussies and his coloring is more tri with a bit of brindle in the tan on his legs. He is a looker and he knows it. You can see the wheels turning in his beautiful eyes.

Toys are a must for him and he will carry them wherever he goes (and try to take them from anyone else who has them). He adores adventures in the car and will hop right in every time he can. He is fabulous on a leash and has the best manners in public. Very attentive and very obedient... unless he wants to pull a prank then all bets off. He does well with cats and sees them as part of his pack with proper introductions and he really enjoys little people. He is protector of his home and will let you know if things are amiss.

Kipper is house trained, uses a doggie door, crate trained (but not necessary), up to date on shots, microchipped, neutered, heartworm negative and on preventative. His prognosis is great and he is at about 95% - we expect 100% soon. He wants a family to call his own – a family with a comfortable couch, a sense of humor and adventure, appreciation of a good prank, another playful buddy or two to romp around with, a family who includes their dogs in all their activities and has experience with working dogs.

For more information, contact Kristi@enchantmutts.org. Kipper will NOT be adopted out of the state of New Mexico. To view our adoption process please click on the Adoption Process button on the Adoptable dogs page.

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