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Meet the lovely Kiwi – this loyal Aussie mix boy’s dad passed away early this year and a very nice neighbor took him in so he wouldn’t have to go to the shelter. She is trying to find Kiwi’s forever home where he can live the rest of his life – loved and cared for and we know there are many out there that would relish having this boy as part of their family. He is a steadfast, loyal boy who gives his all to his family.

Kiwi is about 8 years old – 88+ lbs and just the sweetest. He is an Australian Shepherd mix and truth be told – packing a few extra pounds. His neighbor is working on that and he’s doing well. His waist line shows again! Woot! Woot!

He still has great energy and loves to walk the property and follow his savior everywhere. He is house trained and gets along with others with the right introductions but in a perfect world – he would love to reap all the loving for himself – and perhaps a few kitties, and he does like the kitties! He is used to being the big boy on the block and, if he has to share attention, he does well with gentle unassuming dogs. He does love kitties – and they are not afraid of him - but he should be fed in a separate area. His diet is making him a little cranky when the kitties are being fed and he isn’t! They put him in his place, but keepign it simple works!. 

Kiwi really likes to play! In the last year he didn’t have a chance to do that much. He stood staunchly by his human all that time while his human was ill. So throw him a toy and he breaks into a huge grin from ear to ear. And then runs for it!! The exercise is good for him, and his neighbor is building him up to have more and more stamina every day. He is just about there!

Kiwi also loves to be around horses. His horse buddy and he used to play and romp, especially before his human got sick. So if you have horses and horse property, it would be double heaven for Kiwi.

Kiwi is up to date on all vaccines, tested negative for heartworm and is on the six month shot for heartworm prevention. He is also on monthly flea and tick protection. He was neutered long ago. He will need to be microchipped. 

Kiwi is a doll. He is so loyal and affectionate. When he slims down a little more he will be a happy playing lean muscle guy who will show is gratitude for being loved and cared for every minute of every day! If you have the right place for this darling boy, he will repay ten fold.

Kiwi is a courtesy listing for EnchantMutts. He is not an EnchantMutt dog – however we have met him and know he is a very sweet boy! His neighbor only wants the very best for Kiwi so we are helping her find Kiwi's forever home.

If you are interested in learning more about Kiwi, please contact kledwards29@aol.com.

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