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Hello Lolly! This baby girl is a great blend of Australian shepherd and Border collie with a touch of piss and vinegar. We suspect this super girl’s DOB is around 10/14/2018 and she has the best coloring – a tri with freckles! We won’t tell you about her past because she has forgotten all about it and now sees nothing but good in the world – she has the BEST attitude.

Lolly is incredibly bright and has picked up many things just by watching her foster siblings. She is housetrained with a doggy door – which she also uses as part of her obstacle course. She is very much in the puppy stage (surprise) – if she can fit it in her mouth – its hers - if she can get into mischief - SCORE! She actually thinks it is a game to run by you with it (slipper, shoe, etc.) and happily tries to entice you to a game of chase. Usually every other dog in the house picks up the challenge so she revels in her success! Her motto is what’s yours is mine and she practices it - Every. Single. Day. Good news is – she is a sponge and she is learning fast so “Leave It” actually works … until you turn your back.

Lolly is friendly, social and outgoing to all dogs and people – she loves to play with dogs, over dogs, under dogs, around dogs, etc. Size doesn’t really matter though she tends to run over smaller ones (and she is a bit sassy) but she does need another canine companion in the house. We don’t know about cats but we suspect she would treat them as a toy – which is not such a great idea – to the cat. Let’s face it – she is active. She has two speeds – GO and OFF. She takes great pride in leaping on and over anything she can and she adores any toy she can get her mouth on. She needs a canine partner in crime to keep her on her toes.

Lolly is a working breed – which means she nips and herds and kids are the same to her as sheep. So if you have kids under 10 – you need to find a different dog. We suspect that Lolly will be a medium size dog when grown – perhaps hitting 45 lbs – perhaps a bit more. She might be part hobbit - if she could she would have first breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, afternoon tea … you get the picture. Puppies need lots of fuel to keep those fires lit and Lolly will do anything for a treat – so motivated!

Lolly is adorable and she knows it so while she loves to play - A LOT – she also enjoys cuddles with her people. She will always know where the humans are and when the OFF button is up – she is usually curled at her foster’s feet. She is a loveable little girl and has a wonderful personality.

Lolly is not a starter dog though she is a puppy. She picks up new things and is very easy to train – SMART! Her training has just begun and we know she is going to be a great dog with the right family. She wants a family that knows working dogs and is willing and able to keep her mind stimulated and active. That includes physical activity as well – so unless you have a large yard and walk/hike daily (and the patience of a saint) – she would only end up rearranging the furniture on a daily basis and the one thing she does not excel in is interior design.

Lolly has all age appropriate shots, is micro-chipped, been wormed and started on heartworm preventative. As always with our puppies – she will be spayed at the appropriate time (we like them to be at least six (6) months) and this is included in her adoption price ($250.00). If you think Lolly fits what you are looking for (and you want a firecracker in your life) please follow our adoption process on our website. Completed applications should be sent to Kristi@enchantmutts.org.

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