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COURTESY LISTING! For more information – contact Sue at sioux82466@yahoo.com or text 806-922-2332. .

Yippee! It is a pony want-a-be! Everyone meet Pee Wee... he is a great little guy! Truly his name does not do him justice but he likes it – you can call him anything really as long as you call him. He is the sweetest boy and has lots of love to give and really gives some great smooches. Pee Wee is about three years old and comes fully assembled – but no accessories (saddles, bridles, boots, etc.). For those of you who are familiar with this wonderful breed – you know they truly are gentle giants and Pee Wee is no exception.

This magnificent looking great Dane is house trained, neutered, heartworm negative and up to date on his vaccinations. He now has a few basic obedience tasks down and when you say SIT – he will – preferably in a lap (size doesn’t matter!). He came to his foster home as a stray (we did learn his story though and we will make sure he finds his perfect forever home) and he was very skinny and his coat was a dull mess. But with some TLC and lots of great vittles – this cow pony is ready to run and his luscious black coat now has that beautiful blue sheen to it! Speaking of vittles – Pee Wee is a svelte 130 pounds and he fully expects his folks to be able to provide for him and hay just doesn’t do it – so make sure you can give this boy the fuel he needs to keep the yippee in his giddy up!

He does great with his foster canines but since he outweighs the biggest foster sibling in his home by 100 pounds – they are a bit intimidated by him – especially since he loves to play.  As gentle as he is - he is still a bit of a klutz so we highly recommend a canine companion closer to his size and he would like a family that has another canine or two to play with or gallop the perimeter with and yep – that means space.

He also expects his own bed or couch – whichever is available and he will test them all. Of course his perfect lounging spot is on a lap. His foster mom weights all of 100 lbs soaking wet so when she asks him to sit – she must be very careful.

For more information about this beautiful boy and to see if Pee Wee might be a fit for your family and your couch and/or lap can accommodate a 130 pound lap dog – contact Sue at sioux82466@yahoo.com or text 806-922-2332. Pee Wee’s adoption fee is $250.

Pee Wee is a courtesy listing and he is not an EnchantMutt dog. We have not evaluated him and to make sure he is a good fit for your family – please use the contact information above.

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