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"Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog."
--Sydney Jeanne Seward

One of our favorite quotes! We are very fortunate that at times we get to meet some very special seniors and while we love to hold them near – we know that there are special people out there who love them as we do and deserve to earn the love of an old dog and can offer a great place for them and a home where they will be the center of attention!

Meet Poppy, this 11 year old sweetheart of a lab gal - loves to smile, loves to eat a great meal, loves to play ball, and loves a soft comfy bed where she can stretch out and snore to her heart’s content (sounds familiar!). She was dumped at a shelter but we know there is lots of life left and she has so much to offer – she is such a gentle soul – we tingle all over when we are in her presence.

She has been diagnosed with spondylosis, an arthritic condition in the vertebrae and she is currently being given supplements for her joints and mobility and for her overall health and immune system. We took some time and did some research to see how we could make sure there is quality of life and we found the winning combination! She is feeling great and what a difference we have seen in her movement – can’t keep a good girl down!

Her x-rays showed her hips look good and her bloodwork looks great – so we know she has some quality time left. This girl complains about nothing and some teeth are broken, but she has had a dental and some teeth removed so is ready to go! Her smile will light up any room and she loves to play a good joke on her foster mom.

Her gait is a little loosey goosey (quite the wiggle actually!) in the hind end, but it doesn't deter her playing ball or enjoying life.  Did someone say ball? She is a rare jewel and is very well behaved at all times and responds to several basic commands.

She enjoys the company of gentle dogs, big or small but can certainly be an only dog with the right family. Let's celebrate our seniors instead of forgetting that they get older too – often times our gifts are for a shorter time and we know that Poppy has a few years left. So if you are up for giving the gift of life and know a good thing when you see it – please contact Sandy at cowgirlexpress1@gmail.com or call 505-363-1307.


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We believe every dog deserves a loving home. We are a small group of dedicated volunteers who work hard to save lives. 

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