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Meet the Rocket Man! Believe it or not this little tyke was found by a dumpster at a convenience store all by his lonesome. He was only 3 lbs at the time and probably 3-4 weeks old. He came into foster with EnchantMutts and has been exceeding our expectations and is doing great! He is destined to be an over-achiever for sure!

We think Rocket is a husky - cattle dog (heeler) mix - brains, brawn and attitude! His DOB is about 5/15/2019. We suspect he will be in the 30-40 lbs range when he grows up - IF he ever grows up - all puppy this boy! He is locked and loaded and has the attitude and determination to prove it. He is always in the middle of everything and is often the instigator of loud and unruly play.

Rocket is full of himself and like most puppies - he loves to play, play, play, chew, pee, and then do it all again with his buddies Louie and Cotton. He holds his own well. And his favorite game(s) is play tag and steal toys. Steal them he will - and run off and though he thinks he is as fast a speeding train - he often gets tumbled. He bounces quite well though and he is up and at 'em in no time!

Rocket is crate trained and he is a night time moaner and his foster gets quite the kick out of his moans and groans when he is fast asleep. He is working hard at potty training and knows the doggy door and is quite proud when he goes in and out of it. Now if we can make sure he knows that he has to go outside to potty - he will really know what that doggy door is for! When company is over - Rocket is the first one to get up front and personal - he thinks he deserves everyone's attention and moves right to the front of the line to claim all cuddles and tickles for himself.

We suspect that Rocket is going to be a lot of dog and will need a family that enjoys independent dogs that may or may not be as smart as they are. They need to be willing to expect some back talk and a bit of a side eye from time to time. But we also suspect that Rocket is going to a fabulous dog that might even learn alegbra - he already knows that treats can multiple when he does what is asked of him. Brainiac or wizard? We don't know yet ...

Rocket absolutely needs another playful canine companion in the house and he will not go to an only dog home. As with any puppy – TRAINING will be key – Rocket is an over acheiver at heart and his family will have to be the ones to show him the right way to do things and that much as he would like to be an astronaut when he grows up - he just isn't the right species to to do. So his family will need to be willing to spend the time with him and guide him to do the right things. He is an active boy and will need plenty of exercise as he grows and will probably make a spectactular hiking and running partner. After all - he is able to jump blades of grass in a single bound. We think he would also consider a career as a rock climber ... or maybe a GQ model ... but he will never be a good babysitter - so no kids under ten please.

Rocket is well on his way with his puppy protocol – i.e. vaccinations in a timely manner, wormings, micro chipped, on heartworm preventative, ect. We like to get them in their forever homes so they can grow with their families – but note that our puppy adoption contracts will lay out his remaining medical needs and they will be followed. He will not be neutered until he is at least six months of age and his adoption contract will spell that out as well. All puppy medical protocol is included in his adoption fee.

If you would like to consider Rocket and if you think he might consider you – please complete an application found here (click on here) and forward to info@enchantmutts.org.

Rocket’s adoption fee is $250.00 and he will NOT be adopted out of the state of New Mexico.

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