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Meet Rook (or aka Monkey Paws) – this little sweetheart is probably a cocker spaniel blend and has a tail that goes a mile a minute. He likes to pretend he is a mini Border Collie and he is smart enough to be! He is one of the most dexterous dogs we have met and his front paws are like little hands (hence the nickname “monkey paws”). He will pull in your hand with his little “fingers” to make sure he gets all the pets he is entitled to and will place his paws on your leg and grab when he wants attention. His silky spaniel ears are just wonderful for rubbing and his silky soft coat is perfect! He even likes to be brushed! He currently weights in a petite 16 lbs and that is a good weight for him. He wears his heart on his sleeve for sure and has the best expressions.

Rook is a one year old and he is incredibly bright and still has puppy moments. He is very in tune with his people and just loves to follow them everywhere. He is house trained with a doggy door and is working on his leash manners. He loves his food and eats like a champ and has discovered the joy of toys – we don’t think he had ever seen one before but now – he is the stealthiest toy stealer of them all. He does great with other dogs (cats unknown) and he adores his foster brother Hamish. They can often be found in a pile after a good game of play. He loves to cuddle and you will never find him far from his foster mom – he insists on finding a family that will allow him on their lap – his favorite place.

He adores being covered with a blanket when it is bed time and would give his all if he got a family that would allow to sleep on the bed with them (he loves his peeps). He is a great little companion dog and puts his people before himself. He is a sensitive soul and is very obedient – even a reprimanding glance will have him reaching out with his little monkey paws for forgiveness. We suspect somewhere in his past – someone had a heavy hand unfortunately. But that is in the past and his future is bright!

Rook is neutered, micro-chipped, wormed and up-to-date on shots, heartworm negative and on preventative. He is searching for a family that enjoys a cute little boy that dotes on their every move. He would enjoy walks and another companion dog (or two).

For more information, contact Kristi@enchantmutts.org. Rook’s adoption fee is $200 and he will NOT be adopted out of the state of New Mexico. To view our adoption process please click on the Adoption Process button on the Adoptable dogs page.

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