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Meet Tragen – this young whipper snapper is quite the sweetie! We believe him to be a purebred German shepherd (long coat) perhaps a touch of Tervuren and probably right around a year old. And though he started his life in not so good circumstances – he has made up for lost time and the world is his oyster.

He is a smart cookie.  He learned the doggie door in a snap and he has quickly learned "toy", "play", "outside", "treat", "walk" and "bone" and always comes running when called. He needs a family that is committed to continuing his training and is familiar with GSDs and their traits – in other words – can handle a dog that might possibly be as smart as them.

Tragen is a social kind of guy and very affectionate to his people. When all the dogs line up for treats – he will push to "the front of the line" to get attention (“Pick Me – Pick Me”). He likes to jump up on people but, he holds his claws back and doesn't scratch when doing so (remember we mentioned above – he needs a family to continue his training).  He also thinks he's a lap dog and will take full advantage of his people in recliners ….. preferably when they are leaning back with no room to maneuver (again…. training…).

Tragen is usually pretty well behaved and has some pretty decent manners – but all bets off if there is something yummy on the counter – his favorite saying is … the Lord helps those who help themselves …. He is active and needs a large fenced yard and if you don’t plan long walks or jogs – you need a lazier dog. He loves his walks and is learning some good basic walking skills – however those skills do not include silencing the inner child in him …. especially when he sees rabbits!

Tragen is a water dog – if you have a body of water – he is in it – around it – splashing in it – doing the backstroke in it …. You get the picture. People with wading pools or ponds move right to the front of the line!

Tragen is on the smaller size for a GSD running right around 50 lbs he may grow to 60 lbs if he ever stops running. And speaking of running – he loves to run.  Plays tag with two or three of the other dogs every evening and can lap them all if his counter surfing attacks weren’t so successful.  He is very playful and considers his foster family dogs a daily routine – either taking them all on at once or picking them off one-by-one. He insists (and we do too) that he has at least one other playmate! Tragen is friendly towards all dogs but, if another dog shows aggression, he won't back down – imagine that from a GSD? Ha!

He is pretty prejudiced against cats – he loves them (EEK!) but they would like him to drop dead. So if you have cats that are smaller than say … a leopard or a tiger – no cats please. And to play it safe – no other small animals in the house. Speaking of smaller…. Tragen is a working dog and they work – they think kids are things to be worked and used as a springboard – what is theirs is his - so if you cannot manage the interaction of kid and dog – don’t get this dog. We prefer kids over 12 unless they are the size of a leopard or tiger … and can move like one … (he is consistent).

Tragen is neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped, on heartworm preventative and feeling his oats. If you think you can handle this pupster, are an active family with no cats or little people and are familiar with GSDs and have a wading pool and other dogs – send us a message at Info@enchantmutts.org. You will find our application and adoption process under Adoptable Dogs. Tragen’s fee is $250 and he will not be adopted out of the state of New Mexico.



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