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Happy Twist! This boy got an extra helping of “happy” at birth and he is loving life. Twist’s DOB is roughly around January 2018 and he is still very much a youngster. He is a very handsome boy and he is also a lot of Border collie (with perhaps a touch of aussie) – which means behind those pretty intelligent eyes – lies a sharp brain and potential families need to be aware of that and appreciate it. He is certainly smarter than his foster and she readily admits it.

He is an active boy and if you don’t have a large fenced in yard and/or hike everyday – you need a lazier breed.  Like most working dogs – Twist is ready to rumble. He is a funny boy and loves being the center of attention and he also loves his pack and will certainly need a furry companion(s) in his home and at least one who is able to stand up to his energy level. He gets along with everyone and loves to play – with or without toys and his favorite play is a good rough and tumble with another canine friend his size – or two. He plays a great game of keep-away and is fast enough to pretty much win … every time. He is able to leap small buildings in a single bound and his acrobatics are pretty stellar.  He is appropriate with the dogs who don’t want to play and tell him no but his preference is a play buddy and he can be a bit persistent.

Twist is sweet, smart and very eager to please – and very easy to train. He picks up things quickly and is quite smug when he gets things right. He is a great agility prospect as he does love to please his people and his athletic ability is pretty top notch.  He has bonded quickly with his foster and his personality will ensure he will be a very loyal companion to his family. He adores people and you can always find him at his foster’s feet (unless he is playing but he will come in to check in frequently). He does love going for car rides and is quite a happy traveler. He is a social young boy and always has a smile on his face.

Twist is a working breed – which means he nips and herds and kids = sheep in his eyes. So if you have kids under 10 – Twist won’t work. He loves to nibble on fingers and though his foster is trying to break him of it – he thinks it is a game and will run in – nibble and run out.  It is for sure fun for him. His cat awareness is unknown at this time and we suspect it might not be a good fit.

Twist is neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, wormed, micro-chipped, heartworm negative and on heartworm preventative. He is a healthy boy who is the perfect weight. His adoption fee is $250.00 and this includes his sense of humor and great smile. If you think you are ready for an active rascal and want to be considered to be Twist’s forever family - please follow our adoption process on our website. Completed applications should be sent to Kristi@enchantmutts.org.

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