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Meet Winston – he is an adorable, 1.5 year old, incredibly smart 33 lb border collie – I have been thinking of some super smart one-liners to say about him but Win has come up with better lines. So I will just stick to his comments and let him put in his two cents….

Win (Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner) is pretty much drop dead gorgeous – no question there – he is incredibly photogenic and will actually pose when he hears the camera turn on. Behind that gorgeous face is an incredible brain and the cogs that make the wheels go around in there are well greased and fairly constant and his forever family needs to be prepared (he actually does have an off switch). So Win asked me to lay it on the line:

  1. He is a social being and wants to be with his people and/or his pack. This means he adores interaction and would never stand still long enough to be a yard ornament.
  2. He needs exercise – if you don’t have a fenced yard and enjoy taking longs walk, hikes or runs – get a different breed.
  3. He is probably smarter then you (and certainly his foster) and will need a job or at least the ability to do some volunteer work to keep him sharp.
  4. “Nobody Puts Win in the Corner” so if you don’t intend to interact with him constantly and let him be himself (which will keep you laughing) or if you don’t understand dogs, particularly working dogs then you probably need a dog that won’t voice their opinion like Win does. You will need to be able to defend your reasoning for anything you ask him to do – he will gladly do it but always wants to know why.
  5. Win has no tail and is pretty tired of being called an Australian Shepherd – he’s not – he knows it and he will no longer discuss it. The last comment he made on it was that it made him more unique – end of story.
  6. Winston is a herding dog and he herds by sticking close to his people and guiding them. To him – kids are sheep to be herded and used as spring boards so no kids under 12 please. It is very likely you will find yourself standing in front of the dog treat jar with no idea how you got there…. truth is that you were herded there and didn’t notice but Win says thanks for the treat.

Win is a great dog – he is sweet, smart and very eager to please! He is enjoying his introduction to new things and is quite the love bug. He loves his pack and will certainly need a furry companion in his home. He picks up things in a nano second and is quite proud when he gets things right …. and is happy to let you know that. He loves his toys and has a great sense of humor – that stub of his is always moving. He does have an off switch fortunately so while the wheels are always turning – he will chill out when asked or after a good romp with his furry companions.

He is housetrained – with or without a doggy door, neutered, up to date on vaccinations, wormed, microchipped, heartworm negative and on heartworm preventative.

If you love the breed and are prepared to deal with Win’s antics, he will be an amazingly loyal companion and a great family pet for the right home (working dog experience please). Winston’s adoption fee is $250.00 and he will not be adopted out of the state of New Mexico. If you are interested in learning more about him – please go to our website and view our adoption process. Submit your application (found under Adoptable Dogs) to Kristi@EnchantMutts.org. Please print (or type) clearly on the application – makes it easier for Win to read - :)

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