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COURTESY LISTING! For more information – contact Lori at lmbroxson@gmail.com or call 806-930-1571.

Meet the incredible Zorro! This hunka hunka burning love is the perfect age – somewhere between 5-6 years old and has the best paws in the entire world! We swear! We expect nothing less from a newfy mix – their lovely paws just make us swoon and his are no exception – patty-cake paw-paws!!!

Newfy - mixed with what – we don’t know but suspect perhaps a retriever or something certainly smaller than a newfy – perhaps a rare black leopard? We just don’t know – whatever it is – he got some brains as well. He is completely capable of giving some major slurps with his black spotted tongue* but he is not a drooler (thank heavens)! He does have some great energy and needs a big yard with at least 5 foot fences. If he can - he will go walk-about if he gets bored in the back yard and will go over his current fence but only goes to the front of the house or does it to entice his foster mom to play catch me if you can! So a minimum 5’ foot is a necessity with nothing he can use to help him over the fence.

Truth be told – he is a 65ish pound lap dog (or mini-newfy) who loves his walkies, his car rides and his fellow foster dogs and even gets along with the cats (after he learned how to keep his play gentle). He is most certainly the social butterfly at his foster house and greets everyone with a smile and wag. But make sure you do the math and calculate the size of dog bed required so Zorro has a comfy place to lay his head – or you will find yourself smashed on the sofa with Zorro snoring softly on top of you. While we readily admit most of his bulk is hair (lots and lots of hair) – he is still a big boy – good news is he is a grown-up now (kind of). He is not a toy boy and you can throw balls for him all day long and he will chase them all day long but… he did not get the right retriever genes that would make him bring balls back… so as an exercise prompter for YOU – he gets an A+.

Zorro isn’t afraid of much (and certainly not scared when foster mom plays boy band music loudly while vacuuming) but he is afraid of loud noises – especially gun shots. He is getting better but he prefers not to join in any holiday celebrations that include fireworks. We do know in a previous life he was shot at and we promised him no more. So while his newfy ancestry calls for the ability to haul heavy loads everywhere and anywhere – he won’t be hauling any backpacks for your hunting getaway. He absolutely loves car rides and is the best passenger and is always ready for an adventure!

Zorro needs a family that likes to spend some time with their critters and do active fun things with them. He wants to play and do dog things with his very own family. He is a special boy that deserves a great home and is at the perfect spot in his life to give his all. So if you like those big goofy dogs with incredible paws …. consider Zorro.

Zorro is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative and on heartworm preventative. He is house trained and knows a doggy door. For more information please contact lmbroxson@gmail.com or call 806-930-1571.

*Chows are not the only dogs that can have black tongues – google it!

Zorro is a courtesy listing and he is not an EnchantMutt dog. We have not evaluated him and to make sure he is a good fit for your family – please use the contact information above.

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