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Foster A Dog

One at a time.

That's our philosophy.

Save one dog's life at a time.

Be A Hero. Be A Foster.

Do you love dogs? Do you have the compassion and desire to nurture a shy dog out of her shell, teach a dog how to sit or walk nicely on a leash, or are just interested in giving lots of love and attention to an 'orphan' dog? If so, please consider fostering a rescue dog. Foster care is both rewarding and fun and can be short-term, long-term, or one time only. YOU can save a life.

The Almost-Home Environment.

Going from shelter life to a loving permanent home oftentimes takes a transition period and adoption promotion time. A foster home, or an “almost-home” setting, is crucial in providing a dog with a safe and loving environment as well as a daily routine. It allows for some necessary de-stressing and time to feel comfortable. The “almost-home” situation gives us more information about the dog’s unique personality, the ability to observe their interactions with other animals, and the chance to apply new or different experiences to get to further know them.

If you are interested in opening your home and heart to an EnchantMutts dog and joining our Foster-to-Adoption advocacy team, please fill out our Foster Interest Form.

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