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Success Stories

Adoptions. New loving homes. This is the best part.

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Saga (formerly Effie)
Even the saddest stories can have a happy ending when good people come together to save a soul. Found alone and starving on a country road in the middle of nowhere and taken to the local shelter by a good Samaritan – Saga was but a wee 7 wk. old pup. Word went out and we said we would take her. Before she could even begin her journey to safety, she came down with parvo. She spent the next 7 days at the vet’s office and then a few more with a wonderful rescue friend (Carolyn) before she came to Albuquerque. In spite of it all, this lovely little girl came with a smile and brightness in her eyes that won everyone over! A special sweetness and sensibility that makes her one of a kind and just a beautiful girl inside and out, and it was only with the promise of a wonderful home did her foster folks Lynda and Lynn even consider giving her up.

Well worth the effort for this girl – ask her family! Saga is now bringing joy to everyone she meets including the chickens (yep – she has a job!). This sunny girl is tucked in tight with Roberta and Kent who fell in love with her when they met her and her sibling Border Collies (Molly, Toosie and Zeus) and her best buddy Ralph! With endless energy and always laughing, Saga is living her life in style on her big acreage, racing madly with her siblings and guarding the property. She is so smart and gets along with everyone. She loves her reading time snug in dad’s lap and ready to burst out the gates to follow mom for chicken duty (her siblings hot on her tail) and adores her walks along the ditch banks – little Saga is home.

We expect great things from this girl – a perfect candidate for some therapy work and smart enough to help mom out at her store. Saga is a true rescue story. Many thanks to all who made her journey possible and the biggest thanks from her family who have tucked her under their wings to live life to the fullest!

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Luke (forever Luke and forever fabulous!)

More Pictures of Luke

Our beloved senior dog recently died from cancer, and our house was so quiet and sad without her. Toby, our lab/shepherd mix, was grief-stricken and simply lost without his big sister. So, for several months, I searched online for a rescue to join our family. After many inquiries and meeting a few adoptable dogs who weren’t the right fit, I found Luke’s listing on Petfinder. I was definitely impressed by what I read about him. Not only was he a beautiful, bright-eyed dog, he seemed well-behaved and had the qualities we desired in a furry companion.

So, I inquired about Luke and filled out an EnchantMutts application. His foster mom, Kristi Edwards and I talked on the phone about Luke. At the end of the conversation, we arranged a “meet and greet.” This was quite successful, with Toby and Luke interacting well together and Luke coming easily to both me and my husband. A friend had said, “You will know in your heart which dog is the right one when you meet it.” I felt in my heart that it was Luke. I also had two other signs that Luke was the one: while looking for a billfold in my daughter’s night stand, I found a little black and white collectible dog that looked a lot like Luke; and Toby’s name before we adopted him was “Lucas.”

A few days after the “meet and greet,” Kristi brought Luke to our house for a “doggie sleepover.” In a short time, Luke bonded with us and with Toby. He was in his new forever home! We couldn’t be happier.

Many thanks to Kristi Edwards and to the other volunteers who rescued Luke, nursed him back to health, and through training helped him to blossom into the wonderful dog he is! The work you do is most appreciated by us, and by the dogs you save!

~Nylea Butler-Moore

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Sweete Peete

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Pixie (formerly Pia)
What a rascal that Steve and Lois now call their own! The world is her oyster, says Pixie! This little girl with her wonderful blue eyes was a blast from day one – seeing fun in everything and loving life – her off button working sporadically at best! The princess of the castle for sure and now loving life with her sister, Sugar, and her four kitties (one kitty is her best friend!). Spending her days hiking and playing and her evenings wrapped in comfort (and quilts!) - Pixie is living the dream. Saved at the last minute from a rural shelter and saved by her new family to begin her life and continue her adventures, smarty pants Pixie is living large! There has always been a bit of a “pixie” in Pixie – small, smart, wonderful sense of humor and with the gumption to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes, this blue eyed wonder now has it made. Thank you Steve and Lois for giving this girl such a great home – we know this little lapdog will never want for anything!

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Clara (formerly Becky)
Clara was in the shelter waiting for almost 6 weeks, but after she was rescued by her foster mom, it only took her 2 days to find her 'fur'ever family. Thank you Matthew, Ellie, Ann and Michael for opening your hearts and home to "Clara."

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Willoughby (formerly Ricco)
Sometimes these little rascals come to us with the support of many people – such was Willie’s story. Pulled from a shelter at the last moment and with the help of a few good rescue friends, this bouncing boy’s journey brought him to Albuquerque and straight into the hands of his family as foster to adopt. Just a wee pup and knowing nothing but willing to please, this little boy’s personality certainly is larger than his little body! Coming in at a whopping 15 lbs full grown, or to equate that in dog lbs – 105 lbs of personality, or on some days per his family – 105 lbs of springs in his legs!

A “Pappy Collie” (Border Collie and Papillon mix) or a “Pappy cat” (Papillon and domestic long hair feline) HA! seems to suit him just about right – living the large life with Ed and Kathleen. Whether he is out running with the horses, chasing the birds on his acreage or curled up on the cat tower, Willie knows he rules the roost, or so he thinks until the cats have their way with him. They really rule the roost and on a good day allow him to think he does. Happy Pappy is probably the best description of him – he always has a smile on his face and loves everyone - canine, feline or human! Packed with energy and personality, Willoughby brings laughter and joy to his family every day and we know he is in the best of hands! Many thanks to all who made his journey a good one and the right one. Keep on springin’ Willoughby!

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Gus (forever Gus)
This wonderful boy picked his home right from the get-go – he saw his mom and focused right on her. Such a sweet and kind boy even as a pup, his destiny has always been to do therapy work and he will get the opportunity! You name it – he can do it! Flying through all his puppy classes (as the shining STAR!) and providing his mom Gina with everything she hoped for, Gus is well on his way to putting a smile on everyone’s face – from classrooms full of special children to whomever he meets along the way, Gus has such an impact and is fulfilling his destiny - spreading happiness wherever he goes and to whomever he meets.

As his mom Gina says – My 'Guster' continues to be such a blessing to me! We've had lots of fun together at home, visiting at my friends' homes, classes, walking, and going to the dog park! He LOVES the dog park! He gets along with everyone and loves to play with any fellow doggie . . . big or small! He's the love of my life! Thanks for bringing Gus into my life! He rescued me! :)

Gus is proof that sitting in our shelters, everywhere and everyday, are these wonderful companions just waiting for someone to say – THAT ONE. So proud of you Gus and so looking forward to knowing you will get the opportunity to touch so many. Happy life pretty boy!

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Sage (formerly Lucy)

More Pictures of Sage

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Penelope "Penny" Pie

More Pictures of Penny

After Kristi rescued Penny, we were in turn rescued by this wonderful dog. We had lost our beloved 13-yr. old lab / heeler cross Lacey to kidney disease and were just miserable without our doggie companion. Encouraged to check out rescue groups by neighbors who have adopted many dogs over the years, we started checking out websites. From the moment we saw her, we knew Penny was the one, and here's why: The last dog listed on EnchantMutts' website, she was listed as Penelope "Penny" Pie. It was love at first sight, such a cutie, but her NAME - her name was what told me it was meant to be. You see, believe it or not, my best friend growing up was Penelope "Penny" Pye!! I went running to tell my husband we had to meet this dog!

A meet and greet, then a sleepover to make sure the cat Baxter approved, and we became her forever home. She has made great strides, learned how to relax, and is truly a happy girl, but we can only imagine what Penny had been through when Kristi found her at a shelter. It was obvious that this poor girl was not treated well and had learned to be afraid of many things: men with beards, any kind of chain, going in and out of doorways, sudden movements or noise. Kristi had worked with her, taught her commands, and showered her with love. Being the smart girl that she is, Penny has continued to quickly pick up happy dog traits and is easing into a life of safety and love.

She starts the day as Wiggle Penny, jumping on the bed (formerly only the cat's domain, now Baxter gives her a disgusted look from one corner of the bed - "Dogs are so uncouth!") as she wriggles on her back, begging for play and affection. After breakfast and a long walk, she still has enough energy to become Penny Zoomers, racing around her acre as if we have fed her jet fuel, chasing balls, rings, and attacking human feet. Mid-day she drops into a well-deserved coma either in the grassy yard or keeping me company, along with Baxter of course, in my work area. I'm so jealous I don't get to go back to sleep like they do . . . Celebration when "dad" comes home, a good meal and more Zoomy Play round out her day, along with barkies at the neighbor dogs walking by. Evening finds she and Baxter taking turns on the doggie bed, Penny crashing wherever there is a pillow and a toy if the cat won't give up the spot. Gotta always show those dogs their place!

Penny loves all dogs, and since she has no canine siblings, she goes to doggie day care several times a month where her Auntie Judy let's her play with everyone at her dog boarding business. She gets along with everyone, is the belle of the ball with all her doggie friends, and comes home tired and blissful. Penny is also good with children so when her favorite little one is over, they are off and skipping all over the property and being best buds. She has learned where she can and can't dig, loves lying underneath the sprinkler, and can work at a bone for hours. Leave the gate open and she won't leave because, well, what a great doggie life with lots of doggie fun! Penny Pie is such a joy to have around.

Many thanks to Kristi and crew at EnchantMutts for being the angels that they are to swoop in and give these dogs a chance at better lives with loving families. What lucky dogs, what lucky people that they connect us and all our lives are changed!

~Len and Donan Estill

*black and white photo by Latham Hutch Photography

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Pip (formerly Pippa)
Our wild and crazy girl! Dear Pip – found the most perfect home with Nathalie and crew! This sweet girl gets to run all day long and joins her mom everywhere she goes – even sleeping on the pillow next to her. Living in Pecos on a huge ranch and helping with all the chores – Pip is in heaven! Whether she is racing along with the horses on trail rides, riding on the gator, checking the 1,000s of acres in the passenger seat of the truck, rounding up the horses, playing with her sibling BCs and Leonbergers (at ten times her size!), or herding the chickens – Pip has found her forever home. A true rags to riches story for our princess – and princess she is! Spoiled rotten and loving it! Thank you Nathalie and Journey, Dudley, Casey, Kian, Picolina and Little One for giving Pip the ultimate home and a great adventure every day!

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Emma (formerly Honey Bun)
A short while after losing our much loved companion of 12 years, we decided our household needed a new furry friend. We wanted a rescue dog again and our search soon brought us to Emma. How anyone could have abandoned this adorable girl is beyond us but it meant we were the lucky ones to have her as part of our home. She moved right in and bonded with us immediately, as if to say, “Okay, let’s hurry up and start having a great life together.”

Emma is a bundle of love and a bundle of energy. One moment she is slobbering us with kisses and then dashing from one end of the house to the other with a favorite toy in her mouth. Other times Emma is a blur chasing balls, other thrown toys - or her own tail. A trainer is now training us how to help her channel some of her energy so we can be even happier together. Emma loves being outdoors, exploring and sniffing or just lying in the sun. And she is excited that soon she’ll have a big yard of her own in which to do all that whenever she wants.

We are so grateful that Emma was found and nursed back to health so that we can be the lucky beneficiaries of all her love and life.

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Scout (formerly Dillon)

More Pictures of Scout

Scout (was Dillon) "Scouters, Scouts-a-lot, Stinky, Sir Pees A Lot" came to live with our crew - mom, dad and two boys, Luke - 15 and Lee - 13, after we'd lost our furry 4th family member of 10 years very suddenly and way too soon for our liking. We are a dog family and there was a missing link for sure! He's just been the perfect fit!! Melded right into our crazy family! He's from Texas as are we, his birthday is the same as the pup we lost and my husband has always wanted a Border Collie!!!. Scout has certainly made himself at home with our two teen boys and the neighborhood posse' (as we call them) of boys and dogs. There have been very few moments where he flashes back to his former life and becomes extremely submissive, thus 'Sir Pees A-Lot', but that is to be expected with age and past. He is visibly embarrassed when he does this so we know this will be short lived. He has come out of his shell, developed the most hilarious character, knows the boys apart - by name, commandeered most of the living room pillows as his personal bedding and is not at all spoiled rotten. Not. At. All. We think he has cat somewhere in his lineage due to his cuddling, curling up on himself as well as us, his pacing of the window sills looking for the boys about 3:00 every day and he 'bats' stuff with his paws. He's the best of two animals!!!! He is so smart and so sweet.

The boys taught him to play tug-o-war, catch & fetch and to 'get it' which is a game where they drum on the floor and he runs back and forth between them at NASCAR speeds. It's just one little dog but it sounds like a herd in the hallway. He loves dive bombing his toys. He shoves with his nose then sneezes in a way that makes his face scrunch up looking like he thinks something stinks (thus 'stinky'). He just loves his boys and plays so hard with them. Then he crashes. He loves going on a mile walk, or two, or three . . . I'm certainly getting in shape and he's learned to not hold the leash in his mouth while walking. He takes to training like a pro. It's very important to him to 'do good'. He easily became part of the pack and assumes his place willingly and gladly. Not even the couch is in his way when 'Daddy' comes in from work. He jumps straight over it to get to him.

Scout does not understand why he can't go with us every time we leave the house. He's been to Lowe's, The County Line, the hobby store, pretty much anywhere we can get away with, he goes. Needless to say he has mastered the super pitiful face when we say, 'no . . . Scout stays.'. Oh, he's so bummed but never, not once, has he been destructive, had accidents or been bad while we've been gone and he's been kennel free since week 2! Scout certainly took to herding two boys in the most gentle of ways. He truly adores them, wants to be with them and when one was being a *teenager* and got in trouble this week, he was visibly not happy with his boy not being happy. It's always good to see a dog show empathy, and boy, Scout showed Luke some empathy!

We learned he loves him some snow! Wow, did he love it, which is great as we take to the hills to ski and ride and snowshoe every chance we can and look forward to him tagging along! He's a great guy and we are blessed to have him in our family. We are looking forward to hiking with him next spring, him going camping and just living life with us. Thanks to Kristi and her crew that save these little guys and gals then pass them off to families when they are ready. We think Scout thanks her too for saving him and then for letting him have two boys to play and grow with!!

~The Standley Family - Cook, MaryAnn, Luke and Lee

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Hines (formerly Hank)

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Riley (formerly Duffy)
Duffy, Duffy, Duffy . . . what a sweet, goofy guy that stole his foster mom's heart. It took a little longer than we would have liked, but good things come to those who are patient!! Duffy has found his forever home with new mom Melissa, dad Aaron and sweet big sis Bella. Melissa saw Duffy at the Walking in Circles Horse Rescue Community event and just wondered if Bella would like him, as she can be selective with her friends. We agreed to have them meet and see how they got along. Nary a growl or raised lip was detected . . . Bella seemed to like him. After a few days it was settled. Bella liked her new little brother. Melissa and Aaron are just as thrilled with Duffy as we are with them. We at EnchantMutts are very lucky to have the ability to wait for that perfect match for our furry friends.

Duffy - I wish you the best life possible and remember, you will always be very special. "Love ya Buddy!!!"

Thanks Aaron and Melissa for loving Duffy's goofy, playful, lazy nature as much as I do and giving him his forever home.

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Zeke (forever Zeke)

More Pictures of Zeke

Wonderful happy Zeke waited a long time to find his perfect home, but find it he did! With his new mom Chelsey and his very own kitties - Baxter and Bailey - Zeke is home at last. He is the king of his castle for sure! This very special boy has been through lots, but he never lost his sweetness, his bright mind and most importantly he never gave up looking for his perfect family. Tucked away happily into his new life enjoying all his exercise, his very own person (and yes he does share with the kitties) and going on lots of adventures – Zeke has learned contentment in his life, and we are grateful. Incredibly smart - he has picked up so many new things and he is so happy being able to learn new things every day. Thank you Chelsey for knowing Zeke was the one - he picked you just as much as you picked him!

May 2014 - it is a sad time. We lost precious Zeke to cancer May 22, 2014. He passed quietly and softly at his home six weeks after his diagnosis - we tried dear boy. This bright and wonderful boy turned four on March 31, 2014 - gone way too soon. We will forever be grateful that many loved him and very thankful the last year of his short life with his mom Chelsey was filled with great adventures, lots of love and kindness - he finally got to know what living life to its fullest meant and he enjoyed every moment he had with his family - such a happy boy! Thank you Zeke for all the lessons you taught us and for the laughs and smiles you brought with you - we understand now why you were so special to those of us who loved you. We love you and will see you again one day. Run free and happy Zekker - we will see you at the Rainbow Bridge. So glad you were ours!

image of Tatum image of Tatum

Tatum (Tater Tot - forever Tater)
Little Tatum (Tater Tot) came to us with her sister - malnourished, tiny little pups from an overflowing shelter. Tater was in the worst shape, and after battling lots of puppy things and parvo, this wee girl started moving forward. Her sister Tulip (Abby) was adopted, but Tater had more health issues to resolve. And resolve them she did! Pretty independent from the get-go, Tater quickly learned the art of manipulation and blossumed into a michevious and incredibly smart little tiger. Tater came into her own. She is a princess! A lot of dog in a little body and willing to prove it, this girl has found the perfect home! Within a week of being with her new family, she had loads of tricks down - verbal and through hand signals. She's ready for the circus! With her dad teaching her everything in the book and her mom providing lots of cuddles, Tater is a happy girl.

From the moment she went for her home visit, Tater knew she was home - twirling and running in her huge yard and running back and forth between her new family, not letting them out of her sight! Her big sister Reina didn't know what to do with the whirly bird, and now they are the best of friends. Reina is a patient teacher. With lots of travel, exercise and training in her future, we know Tater will have the opportunity to be all she can be!

Thank you Elizabeth and Tom for finding this wonderful girl and letting her excel. A perfect match! As Elizabeth would say, Tater has very little time alone, and if they leave the house without her they better have a dang good reason why or Tater will let them know she belongs with them!

image of Sam and Petunia image of Sam and Petunia

Sam (I Am)
We have the best adopters and we know it! But, every once in a while the lights flash, time stands still and we get to see an adoption that was always meant to be. We as rescuers, fosters and guardians have no say - only the family and the dog does. Such is Sam I Am's story. From the moment they saw Sam and Sam saw them . . . it was a done deal. This is why we do rescue. We live for the "Peas in a Pod" moments …

We are so grateful to have Sam as part of our family! He is an amazingly good pup with a happy and sweet nature. He was rescued by Kristi at EnchantMutts from an overcrowded shelter in West Texas and lived happily with her for a few weeks, learning great manners and how to get along wonderfully with people and other dogs. On his first outing at Fetchapalooza, he met several people who were charmed by his sweet face and calm nature. My husband Quentin and kids, Cassie (13) and Luke (11), were the lucky people who got to have him come for a home visit. Our hearts melted immediately upon seeing him at the adoption event, but we were even more impressed with his great personality when he came to visit. Not only did he and our dog Petunia get along perfectly, but he was kind to our cats. That is a big deal for us since four friendly felines are part of our family. They were delighted to see that the newcomer is a gentle cuddlebug.

Sam is a very smart fella and loves playing with Petunia. They are similar in size and temperament and entertain each other very well. The kids call them two peas in a pod. They both love to come sit in our laps and are very affectionate. Sam taught Tunia early on how to play tug-of-war, and they both love splashing in the wading pool to keep cool on the hot summer days. Walks are on his list of favorite activities and he loves getting out to see other people and dogs. He is still getting his fill of ice cubes from the icemaker too, just like at Kristi's!

We could not ask for things to be easier either - Sam was already almost completely house trained! He walks well on a leash and is the star pupil in his training class. We are still puzzled at how we stumbled upon the perfect dog but are thankful that we did!

We had not heard of the wonderful EnchantMutts rescue group before that lucky Saturday that we met Sam, but we will never forget them now! Every time we look in that sweet face and snuggle up to Sam, we will say another "thank you!" to Kristi and EnchantMutts for the hard work they put into making so many success stories like this one. They really make a difference and we cannot thank them enough.

~Quentin, Sandy, Cassie, and Luke Dierks

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Abby (formerly Tulip)
Little Abby and her sister were pulled from an overflowing NM shelter. They had the sweetest expressions, and you could just see the intelligence in their eyes. Abby hit the jackpot with Carl and Lynne who, after the loss of their wonderful Amy, were searching for another furry friend to pamper and spoil. Abby weaseled her way right in, taking great joy in being the center of attention at her new home! This incredibly sweet little girl is enjoying learning new things and all about how to be a good girl. Quick to pick up anything, Abby mastered all the basics commands in a very short time and her opportunities are now endless. We can only imagine all the great stories Abby will have to tell – walking those ditch banks every day and trying who she can to smooze the quickest at her home! Thank you Lynne and Carl for realizing this little girl was not to be overlooked! Great life Abby, and we know you will keep your new family on their toes!!

image of Tango

Congrats - Tango!

After almost three years of waiting for that special home, you have found it . . . with two young boys and their dad! The minute you saw them - it was LET'S PLAY BALL! and your new life began. You had the roughest of starts my friend, but those days are so over.

Keep those kids active, teach them some new moves and do what you have always done best . . . be their Best Friend.

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