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Meet Posey. This cute little poodle (mix?) girl with the flying nun ears was picked up as a stray. Her coat was matted and dirty and you couldn’t even see her eyes, she was stiff and sore and her nails were so long she could barely walk and yet – she wagged her tail. She made her way to EnchantMutts and has become a part of our Senior Program – though we don’t think she is much of a senior (she doesn’t either). The vet thinks she is about 9 with quite a bit life left to enjoy especially because every day she improves and is learning to love life again.

As often in rescue – once they get to us we put on our sleuth hats and try to figure out their story. We think Posey was used as a little breeder vand when she got too old to produce- she was tossed aside. She was on the verge of pyometra and we caught it in time. She also has luxtating patellas in both back legs, some arthritis in her back and had a mouth full of very bad teeth. She has had her dental done and her spay and she is coming alive! Probably feeling better then she has in years – so great to watch these littles start to love life again.

Posey would appreciate a few things in her life – a family that adores her and loves to cuddle their furkids (Posey likes a good lap). She will respectfully check in and see if she can get snuggles when the humans are sitting down hoping to be picked up and cuddled. An ice maker is a must have in her new home, humans that can make frozen watermelon cubes and beds inside and out.

Posey is a funny little girl and loves to follow her foster mom through the house. She is also in love with one of the other foster dogs in the house and grooms him endlessly and will do a bit of wrestling with him – albeit he is four times her size. She weighs in at 9.7 lbs and her ideal weight should be about 9 lbs or so and we are working on that. Posey is housetrained but her family will really need to be willing to let her out frequently – her bladder is the size of a pea.

Posey has luxating patellas in both her hind legs but now that she is on a good healthy regiment – she is going up the steps in high fashion. She has lived with them a long time and we have decided with the advice of our vet not to do surgery – she has adapted and moves quite well now that she is stronger and her supplements work great for her.

Posey is spayed, heartworm negative and on preventative, microchipped, up to date on vaccinations and feeling better every day. She is a great companion to have around and she just makes us laugh.

For more information please contact Kristi at Kristi@enchantmutts.org.  To start our process - please go to our Adoption Process page at www.EnchantMutts.org and complete an application and forward to Kristi@enchantmutts.org. Posey is part of our Senior Program and she will not be adopted out of the state of New Mexico.


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