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If you are interested in learning more about Wicket, please go to our adoption page, complete an application, and forward to Kristi at kristi@enchantmutts.org. We will contact you when we receive it.

Meet Wicket (yes - something Wicket this way comes...). This pretty little girl’s DOB is around mid-November 2016 and though she is still a pup – she has some pretty high standards. After a rough start in life – the light bulb is on and it is getting brighter every day …. This is the dog equivalent of winning the lottery or passing ACTs and SATs with the highest possible score ….

Wicket is a very pretty girl - she is also a border collie – heeler mix. This means that behind that adorable little face is a serious brain and adopters need to be prepared. Let us discuss the reality of owning a girl like Wicket …
1. These are social animals who want to be near you and with you. They are not yard art and do not appreciate not being with their people. They live for you and their loyalty is unquestionable.
2. They need exercise and interaction and for Wicket another dog or two to play with and learn from - if you don't have a fenced yard and/or don't plan on long walks/jogs, get a lazier breed. Note the blur in the picture - this girl has energy!
3. They are smarter than you and need a job. Check the listings at NASA.
4. These breeds have strong personalities and are not starter dogs for people who don't know dogs, particularly working dogs. Like her breed - Wicket has opinions about people and things and they are not always the same as your opinions. Be prepared to defend your opinion about what is and is not acceptable. Wicket will already be four steps ahead of you mentally and she will make sure you know that. She has a mouth on her and is not afraid to use it - and we are talking yakking not barking (peeps and squeaks).
5. Herding dogs herd. They herd by nipping. Kids are basically sheep. If you do not understand this and cannot manage the interaction of kid and dog, do not inquire about this dog. If you find yourself in front of the collars and leashes with no clear recollection of how you got there, chances are you were herded there and didn't notice. No kids under 10 please.

If you love working breeds and are prepared to deal with their antics, these are amazingly loyal companions and great family pets. Wicket is house trained with a doggie door, up to date on shots, chipped, on heart worm preventive and will be spayed at the right time with a puppy contract through EnchantMutts (covered in her adoption fee). Be prepared to be quizzed to be considered as parents for this brainiac:

  1. What's your plan for this girl?
  2. How will you exercise this girl?
  3. What is the air speed of a warbler?

If you think you have the right “stuff” to make this girl a part of your family and enjoy a challenge – please follow our adoption process and forward an application to Kristi@enchantmutts.org. Wicket will make the final decision on where she wants to live so make sure you bring lots of treats and your IQ score when you meet her. She currently weights in at 15 lbs and we suspect she will probably be a 35 lbs girl when she hits her peak.

Wicket's adoption fee is $200.00 and she will not be adopted out of the state of New Mexico. If you think you can handle a Wicket in the house - follow the information above.

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We believe every dog deserves a loving home. We are a small group of dedicated volunteers who work hard to save lives. 

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